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Updated on Thursday, September 30, 2010


DC Library:
First-Year CS Majors bitching about a CS assignment: "I mean say if we got hired by RIM... would they even care about this shit? No man, they'd be like whatever, fuck this! They'd already know we're smart, why else would they have hired us. These assignments are just meant to make us waste our time."


  1. Wow, just wow. I agree that some of the first year assignments did seem like busy work(primarily Assignment 1) but they are just trying to make sure you know foundations. I can't really imagine RIM saying fuck this to common sense skills.

  2. To first year CS students: I used the Scheme I learned in CS 135 every day at my last co-op job. It's actually used in the real world, so pay attention to that shit.

  3. LOL, if you can't handle this assignment good luck getting rim to think you're smart!

  4. CS 135 is so much better than CS 134 or 133. I wish I had 135/145 when I was in 1A.

  5. (C || C++) > Java > Scheme

    Sorry, but flaunting Scheme in your employer's face isn't as impressive as C, C++, or Java.

    You may find 1 or 2 jobs that use Scheme, but it's more academic than practical.

  6. @3 Eh, getting into RIM requires mediocrity at best. Every reasonably intelligent person I know who has worked there was generally bored out of their minds.

    @5 This is true, but learning practical languages on your own makes sense too. The school is here to teach concepts, what language they use is just to aid in avoiding language boilerplate.

  7. Employers ask questions about data structures and runtimes of algorithms during interviews.

    These kids opted themselves out of the co-op competition.


    @6 I agree about the concept learning experience; however, it would be bad for stream 4 kids (unless they've removed that) because they wouldn't have any real programming experience