OMG UPDATE: OMG Becky, look at her butt.

Updated on Saturday, January 29, 2011


IN SPUC Hallway:
Guy: "It smells like women in this hallyway sooo hard."


  1. LOL and how exactly does that smell?

  2. Ewwww that's nasty lol
    I find that all guys have this certain smell to them too. Like sweat/salt and old cologne with a musky tinge. I swear it's a universal male smell

    Anyone concur?


  3. #2 had some traumatizing experiences, don't listen to him =)
    @3: As a guy, no clue. My nose was never too keen so I can just hope that all those showers I take and the money I spend on cologne actually do something...

  4. hey 4, femanon here, cologne is a huge turn off for me, just apply a bit of deodorant before working up a sweat, and shower afterwards, and you'll smell great!

  5. ^ My cologne is actually pretty light, barely noticeable unless I just put it on. Hopefully this isn't a general sentiment though, I've been putting it in on every day for years... ^^