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Updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Only at WLU:
Girl: Do you think Wikipedia is a good source?


  1. i call bullshit.

    OP, you're a douche who knows less than you think ;)

  2. Just use the sources that wikipedia cites. If it's not cited, then that information from wikipedia is not reliable.

    Wikipedia can be a good source... just use your judgment. The reason they say not to use wikipedia as a source is to play it safe, since some people will just blindly believe everything they read.

  3. Wikipedia is good enough for anything you are not going to publish.

  4. Actually I hear this a fair bit in my engineering classes.

    Also no. It is never acceptable.

  5. I would never use wiki as a source...but I definitely using it as a jumping off point for any topic I know nothing about! Start at wiki for ideas on the subject (i.e. certain aspects to research, discuss, main components of an arguement, theory, equation, etc)

    It's meant to be informative and get you moving into other sources, I don't believe it is meant to be a credible source itself.