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Updated on Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Girl: So what do you do? Guy: Well i'm in kinesiology, so i'm hoping to become a kinesiologist.


  1. You laugh, but I feel like I have this conversation every two days. They always go something like this:

    Them: Oh, you're graduating? What do you want to do?
    Me: Oh, I'd like to work as a kinesiologist/exercise therapist/cardiac technologist.
    Them:What? You mean you don't want to do med school or physiotherapy school?
    Me: No
    Them: What about a masters? Surely you could do that!
    Me: No...I want to work as a kinesiologist/exercise therapist/cardiac technologist. I can do that with my BSc.
    Them: Oh...well I suppose that's okay. After you've made some money you could always come back and do a masters in a couple of years!

    BITCH I DON'T WANT A MASTERS. I DON'T WANT TO DO PT, OT, OR MED SCHOOL. Why is this so baffling to some people???

    /end rant.

  2. It's ok, you can always change your mind later and do OT or PT.

  3. You're in Waterloo. Outside of arts and business, striving for mediocrity is a foreign concept.