OMG UPDATE: OMG Becky, look at her butt.

Updated on Monday, October 7, 2013


Guy: Yo
Guy:Whats up
Girl:Nothing much
Guy:Can I have your number?


  1. This is painful to read.

  2. hey that's bound to work eventually

  3. The funny thing is, 3 is right. I have a kinda funny random anecdotal story to go with my reasoning if anyone cares to read on:

    Okay, so I had a friend who went to school in the states and he said all the grades of people would sit in cliques in the cafeteria. When he was in second year he started sitting with a bunch of (the "cool") male seniors he met from a varsity team. They would sit at one particular table and literally summon the pretty freshman girls to their table (of course they would always accept the invite). Anyway what would normally happen is that there would be an elaborate conversation and a couple of days of getting to know the girl(s) before they would try to hook up with them (to stunning amounts of success).

    One day the most alpha (the leader) jock at the senior table summoned over a particularly attractive freshman who had just switched schools. She was ecstatic when she got invited to the "cool" table as it was one of her first days at the school and she didn't know many/any people. To shorten an already long story, instead of going for the usual contrived "long-game" method, the particular dude who was trying to get with her simply said this loudly and proudly: "Fuck the bullshit, what's good with some pussy?!"

    My friend (and many others at the table) ran from the cafeteria and died laughing. They returned to the leader dude, sitting basically by himself, girl nowhere to be seen. They asked the leader dude why he said that/what happened. Without looking up at them the guy calmly said "she got scared and left". My friend laughs and says "Of course she did, how did you think that would work!?" The alpha dude turns over to my friend (and the table in general) with a look of stoic disappointment on his face as if he was the master and his apprentices had failed him. All he said was "She may not have been down, but guess what? That shit works." and calmly returned to eating his lunch.

    A valuable lesson was learned that day. You only look stupid/it's only a bad idea if it doesn't come off. Stupid crap like this, can, and does, work.

    1. 11/10 thank you, would read again

  4. was it a brown guy and asian girl?

  5. What is at SLC at the CIBC?