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Updated on Tuesday, November 12, 2013


girl to her friend: I don't think it's fair that Waterloo requires minimum averages like 60 or 70 to graduate. 70 isn't even a low mark. I mean, a 75 is like an A in England.


  1. How else would we keep our reputation of being one of the best schools in the country? We can't let lazy people come and pay for a degree that is worth the same as someone who worked hard.

    1. I don't think the problem is with laziness, it's just too much of a specific evaluation system. It's easier for them but you only get one type of people to stand out. I think students should be evaluated in 3-5 different approaches including plain ol' boring exams (I do OK on those, mostly) and people who stand out are the ones with the best skills and understanding

  2. Some of the best schools in the WORLD are in England. UW is not even close!

  3. my gf is in England and that is SOoooooooooo true... cdn grading is tough