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Updated on Thursday, February 27, 2014


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"Don't worry, it's not racist, I can't tell white people apart either"


  1. Huh. I always figured that white people were easier to tell apart because of the variation of hair & eye colours. Most other races have brown/black hair with brown/black eyes so spotting the variations between individuals is more of an exercise in spotting differences in facial features. When remembering who's who between two different black people for example, you would probably remember differences in their eyes, noses, mouths or face shapes instead of "person 1 had brown eyes but person two's eyes were a darker brown".
    But with white people you usually don't have to remember who's who using facial features because you can just say 'blue eyes' or 'red hair'. And it's also less subjective and ambiguous than describing facial features. Ex. if you say someone has big eyes, your friend may say that the person's eyes aren't big by their standards, but if you say someone has green eyes they can't really disagree with that.
    Of course, this is all under the assumption that neither of these two example people have dyed their hair or put in contacts because that makes most people significantly easier to identify.

    1. Although I partially agree with you, I think it's still fairly easy to tell the difference between two people of any race. What is more difficult is trying to guess what country an individual is from. This applies to white people too: try to guess whether someone has German or French background, without looking at their name it's hard.

    2. I too partially agree, but I don't think black people is a good example. There is so much variation in skin tone and hair among black people! But with east Asians or the Dutch I'd agree with you.

  2. so true I used to not be able to tell similar size red heads from other red heads n blonds

  3. its a scientific phenomenon that if someone grows up in an area with mainly one race then it is harder to tell similar looking people of other nationalities apart. Similar to the way we find it difficult to tell similar looking animals apart (more extreme case)

  4. I cant tell asians apart to save my life. Their natural hair colours and features are just way to similar to me